Foreign Trade Analysis

January-June 2021

Homologous growth rates of 24% in exports, and 25% in imports for the 1st semester of 2021 highlight a growth dynamic of the 2nd quarter of 2021 which builds up real growth when compared to 2019's 1st semester, where growth rates stand for 6% and 9%, respectively.

This growth is even more notable if we are to remember that the 2nd quarter of 2020 was the time when the pandemic hit economy most severely; moreover,  industry is going through tough times dealing with raw material shortage and subsequent price speculation, problems that may no longer be possible to get around in the near future, compromising company's capability of accomplishing client orders in time and at reasonable prices, hitting overall  competitiveness of european companies in the market.


                                                 EXPORTS AND IMPORTS BY ACTIVITY BRANCH

                                                                             JANUARY / JUNE 2021

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