Over the years, ANIMEE has carried out several projects for the benefit of associates and companies in the sector in general, namely:

• Biannual organization of ENDIEL - Meeting for the Development of the Electric and Electronic Sector, from 1979 to 2015, alternately in Lisbon and Porto and in collaboration with FIL / EXPONOR;

• Publication on paper of REVISTA ANIMEE over 40 years, free of charge to Associates and extended to various entities in the Sector, upon request;

• Edition of a monthly digital Newsletter since 2017, with greater focus and as a complement to the regular communication between the Services and the Associates;

• Organization of the Annual Meeting of Human Resources Managers, to discuss relevant topics and share experiences among the associated companies;

• Biannual edition of ANIMEE Directory during eighteen editions, now replaced by an online Directory.

• Publication of sector monographs with relevant statistical data for the sector;

• Participation in national and European programs, such as LEADOUT (within the scope of the Craft Collective Program) and PreResi (within the scope of the PRIME Program). Completed in 2007, they resulted in useful materials for the Sector and usable by any company;

• Founder of ANREEE - National Association for the Registration of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, ANIMEE has sought to reveal its environmental concerns, assuming its social responsibilities in this area;

• ANIMEE represents Portuguese Electric and Electronic Sector in several european Committees:

T&D Europe (European Association for the Industry of Equipment and Services for the Transmission and Distribution of Electricity),

CEMEP (European Association of Manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Power Machines) and

CECAPI (European Association of Manufacturers of Electrical Equipment for Installations).